• What Do I Do If I Have No Courses When I Sign Up?

    Go back to the link your teacher has sent through to you and repeat the process. If you make sure to complete the process, your courses will appear on your dashboard.

  • How Do I Register?

    If you are a student signing up, your teacher will send you a unique access link that you can use to register to your courses and school class. This link is your direct line of registration and you won't be able to access your courses without it.

  • What Do I Do If My Course Doesn't Load Properly?

    If your course is loading slowly or isn't loading properly - check to see if your internet connection is stable and refresh the page. If the issues continue to persist, send an email to tech@burnbright.org.au and we'll help you through.

  • Can You See My Answers?

    We have access to reports of all your answers and grades through our academy. So, yes.

  • Who Do I Speak To If I Have an Issue?

    Our tech support crew is on hand to help however we can. Just shoot us an email to tech@burnbright.org.au and we'll help you as soon as we can.

  • What is the Meaning of Life?

    This is a tricky one. Unfortunately, we don't have a button or quick fix to this but if you email infrequentlyaskedquestions@burnbright.org.au - I'm sure one of our crew will try our best to help?